Industrial applications

Batteries for defense

24V robotics application


Old situation: Lead acid, 2x 12V/50Ah

New situation: M2 Power Lithium Ferro 2 x 12V/40Ah

Result: Better performance with low weight and higher nominal voltage, better able to withstand use in extreme and demanding situations.

Batteries for emergency power
Backup energy for rescure ships

Self Activating emergency lighting system aboard lifeboats. Operates 12 hours on a battery.

Old situation: Lead Acid, 12V/50Ah

New situation: M2 Power Lithium Ferro 12V/40Ah

Result: Maintenance-free system with very long life.


Seabed CPT system, offshore

New product that drills in the bottom of the sea on depths of 500 meters. The battery system is communicating with the motor controller and the computer in the ship.  The power pack is pressure compensated.