Ecopreneur M2 Power first candidate Green Metropole Award 

Todat M2 Power is the first to be elected for the Green Metropole Award 2012. At the end of this year the ten ‘ecopreneurs’ fight for this incentive for sustainable urban entrepreneur of Amsterdam. The nominations and the price are an initiative of Green Metropole, the sustainable collaboration of Amsterdam region.

M2 Power designs and produces lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)-batteries. They deliver more power, but weigh less than conventional batteries. The batteries are mainly used for electric vehicles, a solid sustainable growth market.

Dirk van Gogswaardt, one of the owners of M2 Power, responded enthusiastically. “The nomination gives us a boost for all we are doing. We will do everything in order to convince the jury that we have to win the prize at the end of this year”.

Ilse van den Breemer, business manager of Green Metropole and sustainability manager at the Amsterdam Innovation Motor: “The Green Metrople Award must be a real quality mark, a tribute to entrepreneurs who are the shining example for us all. Importantly is that this entrepreneur is able to share ideas, collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, research institutions and the government. The sum is much more than the whole of its parts.



Dutch Lithium battery from M2Power is selected by Brazilian University for Frisian Solar Challenge

The Brazilian university from UFSC Florianopolis selected after a long and thorough process the modular Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries by M2Power. These Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are used in the Vento Sul, specially designed for the Frisian Solar Challenge boat.


The Vento Sul racing for the first time in the Frisian Solar Challenge. In addition tothree other teams from Brazil, they are the only non European participants in the contest. The ship is a collaboration of graduate students of electrical engineering andshipbuilding directions. The high-tech ship has several technical feats, such as a system around the corner from the solar panels to adjust to get the most from solar energy to bring a portable chair for optimum weight distribution to get in all circumstances, a specially designed screw and the latest in battery field.

The M2 Power battery was found best after the selection of its very low weight, efficient discharge properties and reliable construction. Previously, lead-acid batteries are used, these are three times heavier and lose energy during both the charging and powering the motor. Lithium Iron Phosphate is the preferred technique for powering transportation. Lead acid batteries in many applications can be replaced with Lithium batteries, such as electrical (sail) boats, golf carts, golf carts, electric scooters and mobility scooters.
More and more people are realizing that there is switched to electric driving and boating. Electric sail disturbs the stillness of the water is clean, does not cause emissions of CO2 or particulates. Thanks to the very long lifetime of the battery M2Power is also a very wise financial choice. The purchase is often higher but then are often lower operating costs thanks to the absence of costs for engine maintenance and fuel.


Security of energy thanks to solar panels and lithium batteries.

Energieker, M2power en Nedap tested unique configuration

Solar Installer Energieker and lithium battery supplier M2 Power introduce a system whereby the independence of the steady stream network is possible. A solution that was created by an innovative configuration. The Power Router NEDAP connects the panels on the roof of the New Energy Docks with the lithium ironphosphate acccu’s (LiFePO4) and the 230V grid. This arrangement is the first in the Netherlands, where the Power Router is used.

The system makes it possible without a fixed connection or by a interference on the power supply network to take care of the energy supply. Especially in situations in which absolute continuity of theenergy supply is of importance, such as at room server, this solution is very suitable.On failure of the mains supply the batteries and solar panels reduce power requirements.


Amsterdam businesses strengthen advance of electric scooters

Lithium battery supplier M2Power and EVT electric scooter importer MisterGreen present the first electric scooter with Lithium batteries that are easily removable and 1-to-1 interchangeable with lead batteries. The new batteries have only 30% of the weight of a lead battery, but give a higher range and a much longer life. Due to its low weight, it is even possible to exchange the battery very easy , so that the radius of action, for example, delivery strongly increases. The EVT scooter MisterGreen and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries supplyer M2Power are going to strength to the rise of the electric scooter.

M2Power has Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries developed to provide a traditional lead-acid batteries can be replaced. This increases the radius by 50%, the battery life is 3 to 5 times longer and the weight 60% lower. Because the exact same dimensions and connectors not only the new scooters are able to use the battery but also electric scooters already in use.

The Lithium batteries make electric scooter a lot more interesting for the demanding user. Due to the higher range, the durability and interchangeability of the batteries are new applications in image. Lithium batteries contain no heavy metals and are therefore very environmentally friendly, this is also reflected in the fact that only electric scooters equipped with Lithium batteries are still entitled to the MIA / VAMIL grant program. The price of this battery pack is drastically lower than many alternatives, for €1.500,- there is already a Lithium pack.

Lithium Iron Phosphate is the preferred technique for driving the light transport. Besides electric scooters lead acid batteries in many other applications can be replaced, some examples are electric whisper boats, golf carts, golftrolleys and mobility scooters.