About M2 Power

M2 Power has a lot of experience in lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), battery systems and electric vehicles. M2 Power specializes in LiFePO4 cells, battery management systems (BMS) and battery chargers.
Through extensive testing, we can offer systems that are tailored to your needs, whether based on our standardized modular battery or a fully customized solution.



M2 Power employees have followed LiFePO4 from the beginning of this new technology, so we were the first in Europe to offer a plug-in conversion kit for the Toyota Prius, where Lithium Iron Phosphate cells were used. In addition, we regularly lectures on electric vehicles and we carry out studies for various (government) organizations.

The standardized modular battery packs, available in four sizes, individually or in large battery systems consisting of several dozen packages used. The batteries have no external control unit or battery management system, this is already integrated into the sealed housing of each individual package. This creates a reliable and robust system that makes it easy to install and exchanging batteries. The use case is similar to commonly used lead acid batteries, as defined by the Battery Council International (BCI). M2 Power products are lightweight, extremely powerful, extremely durable and can be recharged to 90% in three hours.

Customized batteries we agree entirely down to your needs. Once your needs are defined,  M2 Power engineers will design a system where the type of the cell (high energy or high power), the shape of the cell (cylindrical, prismatic or tea bag), the type Battery Management System (from simple analogue to high-end digital) and charger (high speed, PV / Solar or waterproof) are included. Components can be developed in-house or purchased from specialized suppliers. Because we are independent of the suppliers we can offer an optimal solution for every application.

European Space Agency at Noordwijk

M2 Power specializes in lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, LiFePO4 battery management system (BMS) and LiFePO4 chargers. Based on extensive testing in our laboratory at ESA Noordwijk, our engineers can recommend and supply the right combination of LiFePO4 cells and electronics. With our expertise you choose the right quality battery solution for your application, so over-engineering can be prevented.


We have undertaken several studies to V2G and advanced battery systems. Click here for more information.